Do you wonder if you need a passport or visa for a particular destination?  What is the type of currency used or the exchange rate?  Curious about the weather or what you are allowed to bring back with you? 

We have listed a few websites below that can answer some of your travel questions.  Remember though, you can always contact us for any questions or concerns you might have.

U.S. Department of State 

Passport & Visa information and applications

Centers for Disease Control 

Information on travelers health including vaccinations and travel warnings

Currency Converter
Do you have questions about exchange rates? 

The Weather Channel 
Offers worldwide weather information

U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Information U.S. residents should know before traveling abroad including duty exemptions and prohibited items

Traveler's Checklist 

Important steps to follow before departure

Airport Terminal Maps

Transportation Security Administration​​

Information to help you prepare for airport security screening

Travel Alerts and Warnings

United States government alerts and warnings you should know before international travel

World Time Clock

What to know before you go...

Specializing in Ireland, Britain & Western Europe

Baggage Restrictions & Fees

Knowing what you can and cannot have in your carry on bag will help you move through security quickly and easily.  Please visit this site for current TSA restrictions

Traveling with checked luggage can also be a bit complicated these days!  Most airlines charge fees and have size and weight limitations.  We have provided the following links with details for most U.S. carriers.  Feel free to contact your agent if you have any questions or need clarification.  



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